4 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is Great For Losing Weight

4 Reasons Why Muay Thai Is Great For Losing Weight While Muay Thai isn’t the most conventional means of trying to lose weight, it is a good option when you think about it. After all, it is similar to kickboxing, only on steroids or so they say, and by learning the so-called “art of the

The Five Most Popular Sak Yant Tattoos Among Muay Thai Fighters

First things first, it is bad luck to get a sak yant thai tattoo from someone other than a Buddhist monk, and the instrument of choice should always be a bamboo stick. This is to make sure that the wearer receives the full blessing of the supernatural powers that each tattoo possess. It’s a belief

What Muay Thai Lessons and Classes Are Like

YouTube makes learning Muay Thai look so easy. However, once you’re actually in the class and taking part in the lessons, you’ll see that learning Muay Thai is far too different from what you first thought of it. To help prevent you from getting the shock of a lifetime on your first Muay Thai lesson

How To Keep Your Muay Thai Shorts Clean

How To Keep Your Muay Thai Shorts Clean Keeping your Muay Thai shorts clean is a good habit to pick up, if you haven’t already been doing it yet. True, you’ll be at a disadvantage, especially when fighting, since your opponent will no longer have to endure the stench of your fighting shorts. But, on

Common Mistakes When Buying Muay Thai Shorts

If it’s your first time to buy a pair of Muay Thai shorts, you may want to keep in mind these following mistakes so you do not end up making them yourself. Going For The Cheapest Brand While it’s tempting to go buy a pair of the cheapest Muay Thai shorts you can get your

How To Choose The Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

How To Choose The Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts Lots of people think that Muay Thai shorts aren’t really all that important when participating in the sport known as the “art of eight limbs”. However, save for the gloves, mouthpiece and other protective gears, a well-fitting pair of shorts is a necessary piece of

How To Select Muay Thai Shorts

How To Select Muay Thai Shorts To help you choose the right pair of Muay Thai shorts, you have to consider many things. This list of factors includes the brand, the price, size, and of course, if you prefer the traditional “short shorts” that Muay Thai fighters use, or if you want something of a

Why You Should Wear Muay Thai Shorts For Training

While nobody’s certainly stopping you from wearing MMA shorts and boxing shorts when training Muay Thai, if you plan on doing so seriously, you may want to consider investing in an authentic pair of Muay Thai shorts. Why so? The main reason is because Muay Thai shorts are vastly different from other types of sports

Why You Should Fight Muay Thai in Thailand

Muay Thai, when all things are considered, is a spectator sport and as such, you’ll want to perform and look good out there. However, the Thais have a reputation for performing in a way that nobody else in the world can compare to, especially since it is their national sport and people there train in

4 Tips To Help You Master Basic Muay Thai Moves

To become a master of a martial arts or combat sport such as Muay Thai, you’ll have to start with the basics and get to know it like it was the palm of your hands. This is no easy feat, and it will take time. Hopefully, however, these 4 tips can help you master the